My Ducati Collection

My Ducati Collection

Yes I love my Ducati Collection
Cameron McKean Cameron McKean

I only got my license to Drive a Motorbike in 2018 and already I seem to have found myself with one of Thailand’s largest Ducati collections.


I had so much fun with my bike I wanted some of my less fortunate friends to join me riding around Thailand. Now I have 13 Bikes and I simply love them. Our little gang has been called “Team Ducati” in Bangkok and it brings so much joy to my Friend and staff to come along on our rides.


Many of the boys in Thailand could not dream of buying such a motorbike and so for them its even more special. My way of making the “Thai Smile” even bigger. Thai people have done so much for me its just so good to give back and se them so happy.



UPDATE: Sold all bikes after I had an accident in the north of Thailand. I have fully recovered but feel I need to find a less dangerious hobbie at my age. 

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