If at first you dont succeed try Plan B

If at first you dont succeed try Plan B

Did your crowdfunding fail or get rejected?
Cameron McKean Cameron McKean

It is a well-known fact that a majority of old crowdfunding campaigns fail. Major crowdfunding platforms have had rates of successful funding as low as only 14% of campaigns.


If your project has failed or been rejected then read on as I believe I can help you succeed with my more flexible Crowdfunding platform www.MrCrowdfunder.com



This is not that the campaigns are bad or they can't be funded using crowdfunding (as many have gone on to find funding later and be successfull projects). The reality is that the current crowdfunding platforms are in their infancy and have become too big too fast and unable to support the amount of campaigns on the website.



I have been working with a number of crowdfunding projects and have seen this first hand. One of our projects was for a computer game that needed to raise $90’000. They set the time for 30 days and it was looking very good. However at the time of closing it had only reached $87’000 as such the campaign failed and the backers were all refunded. All the time and money spent promoting and marketing this campaign was lost despite being so close to success with a large base of willing supporters.



Clearly this is madness and it happens every day. While we would all love to think we can raise all the money we need within 30 days the reality is that this is simply not always achievable. Timing is everything and you may discover your marketing was off, or you have failed to find your core backer audience. In situations like this the campaign needs to be extended until you are able to reach your target and refocus your marketing.



I started to see a trend of clients with amazing ideas and projects failing not because they had bad ideas or nobody wanted to support them but due to inflexible crowdfunding platforms.



In addition while it looks easy enough to post a campaign on the sites most have commented that support was truly non existent on the leading platforms leading to mistakes being made and some projects terminated by the website due to poor communication and support from the platform.



As a successful Direct Marketing company we decided something needed to change and be much better than the current options. Something more flexible and more supportive to assist our clients have a successful Crowdfunding campaign.



Frustrated with the inflexible American based platforms I decided the solution was to break away and support my clients with our own  platform learning from the mistakes of the leading crowdfunding platforms.



See Top 10 reasons why MrCrowdfunder is a better choice for your Campaign: https://mrcrowdfunder.com/p/how-it-works




Some of the concerns and early feedback was that our site did not have the traffic of the leading competitors and as such could not get the reach. What we learned was that most successful Crowdfunding campaigns earn over 70% of their money from their own Marketing efforts and not organic site traffic. It's more about how good you are with Social Media marketing then how much traffic other projects on the same website get. If it was true that more traffic to the Crowdfunding website was good for campaigners then why are the amount of successful campaigns so low and falling not rising? Answer = the traffic is not relevant for your campaign.




I have been working with Direct Marketing and Social Media advertising for a number of years and have used that to expose campaigns to millions of people quickly and efficiently. The reality is that when it comes to Crowdfunding it's a numbers game and having lots of traffic to your site is good but if you have hundreds of thousands of other projects fighting for attention and backer money it's hard to get noticed.



Working with my clients and using my established Social Media Marketing network of over 20 Million followers and direct marketing to to clients has proven to be very successful.




Partner with a Crowdfunding expert and give your campaign a better chance of success. Contact me today to see how I can help you get the funding you need.





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