Ready to fly back to Thailand.

Ready to fly back to Thailand.

My Private Jet trip to Thailand
Vinoj R Vinoj R

After four months of travel from Florida USA to London, Amsterdam, South Korea and Cambodia finally I arrived back home in Thailand today.


With no direct flights available I booked a Private Jet to fly me back to Thailand alone.


This was am amazing trip to take and was something I once would have only dreamed about.


Getting back to Thailand was difficult.


I got permission to enter (COE) when I was in London but on arrival in Cambodia was told it was only valid f I travelled from London UK and not from Cambodia. This was something that was not said on any documents.


So with the assistance of my Thai staff and the BOI Government Department I re applied for COE from Cambodia and was approved after around 7 days.


Next to arrange was the Documents and Tests. After finding a place to get my COVID Medical Test and Fit to Fly documents I managed to get everything just in time 1 day before my flight.


After arriving in Thailand I was taken immediately to my 14 day Hotel Quarantine to be kept in isolation for the next 14 days and to be tested on Arrival, again in 7 days and once more 14 days at the end of my Quarantine.


Here is a video I made of the landing I was having so much fun to be able to see what a Pilot can see when landing at the airport.





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