Facebook Fanpage Mistakes

Facebook Fanpage Mistakes

Your Facebook Fan Page is a mistake!
Cameron McKean Cameron McKean

Often the most logical thing to do when it comes to the internet is not the right thing for you.

I have assisted a number of people from small businesses to Politicians and celebrities increase their Social Media marketing.

I am told by almost all I meet “I have a Fan Page” and I immediately investigate it and discover that it was too soon to create a Fan Page. 


Here is the mistake and an example:

Say you want to get into Politics and you going to give it a try at the next election.

You have 3 months to get it out to the community. You can advertise it, you can buy Facebook and google online advertising and you can promote it a number of ways. But many I have seen have less than 500 – 1000 followers and almost no likes on posts or interaction.

This is a disaster and can turn against you making you not look popular and in turn take people that had mild interest and turn them off you. You can buy likes to get it up but that will not improve the election results and will not increase the interaction rate or get you elected.

What many don’t know is Facebook have a natural progression for Celebrities and Professional people.

Every Normal Facebook account (not page) can have up to 5000 friends.

As a normal Facebook account, you can he say “Jane Smith” and have a nick name of say the “New age Party” shown. All fully within the rules. Now you go out as a person and invite people to be your FRIEND and not ask them to like a page. Many will be keener and almost every project I have worked on has seen an average of 500 friends add them PER DAY!

Your interaction rate is great and your posts get seen. You are seen as “popular” and quickly get noticed in the Online world.

NOTE:  Presidents have been elected this way!

Once you reach 5000 friends you announce you are too popular to remain a personal account and as per Facebook rules will convert your account to a Facebook Page! All 5000 friends now become followers and you have an established name and page with real “Friends” as followers and they have not had to do anything.

Now you have a Booming page with 5000 followers fast and from that once you reach 5000 your natural organic growth will gain you new followers. You’re on your way and you can now boost posts and promote your Facebook page to non-members with the commercial tools.

Your interaction rate be high of almost anything you post and you have gone Viral. How fast can all this happen.. I have done it for clients in 2 weeks but often suggest 1 – 2 months.

As you can see from this model with a good Social Marketing “Experienced” professional that’s done it before you and your business can become a brand almost overnight. Most are amazed how fast and cheap this is to do and the huge difference from the way old school Marketing Agencies work and try bleed clients dry for money for little return. 

If you want to grow your Social Media FAST and use some cool Tools check this out: 


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