Get your own Audience with my quick start tools

Get your own Audience with my quick start tools

My quick guide to becoming a Social Media Superstar
Cameron McKean Cameron McKean

Crowdfunding or running a business? your best tool to get backers or customers is Social Media. But you need to understand how to use it to build a much bigger audience quickly.

The first question I ask people asking for advice on Crowdfunding is the following:

1.      How many Facebook Friends do you have?

2.      How many Twitter Followers do you have?

3.      How many LinkedIn Connections do you have?

This generally is answered with low numbers like 90 300 and this is in fact the average. However, if you want to be successful you cant be Average.

Less than 2% of Facebook accounts have greater than 1000 friends.

This is an interesting thing as the limit of fiends is 5000 and once you hit this amount you can convert your account into a Fan Page and have unlimited number of followers. This is how Celebrity Fan Pages are now built. You should aim for over 4000 Facebook friends!

I have advised numerous businesses and Crowdfunders about growing Social Media and often find a simple misunderstanding of what Facebook is. If you think Facebook is just for your closest friends, then you are wrong. Over 1 Billion people are on Facebook and when one of your friends clicks or comments on one of your post their friends can now see it. As such your Facebook is Public and up to a Billion people on the internet can see what you do on it as its a public website. Your Facebook account should be considered your very own online Newspaper!

I could go on about this but thats simply not the point…..

The point here is how can you quickly become a Social Media Influencer?

(Term we use that also means Internet Celebrity)

First thing you need to do is look at my other post about other free tools you can use in your Chrome Browser on your computer. You can click only 1 button to accept all Friends requests in bulk and to Add Friend all suggestions etc.

See: https://www.cameronmckean.com/news/social-media

What we are doing is opening your Facebook up from just a small group to the 2nd Degree of separation. Note people often talk about 6 Degrees of separation between you and everybody else on the planet however we have quickly discovered with Social Networks that it's most likely less than that.

So here are my instructions for you to grow your Social Media audience FAST

1.      Change the settings on your Facebook to allow anybody to add you to Facebook or find you not only Friends or friends. You want to remove restrictions on gaining an Audience.

2.      Add “Toolkit for Facebook” (See my other post)  and then accept all friend requests at once.

3.      Go to Friend Suggestions page and then click the tool button called Click All Add Friend Buttons. This will do all the work for you. Just click and ignore any popups from facebook.

4.      You can request around 1000 friends per day so if Facebook stops you adding more friends stop give it a break and come back in an hour and accept all friends you have received again. You are going to be amazed how simple and fast it is and how many of the local people you know are in the suggestions as it grows.

5.      Join as many local Facebook groups as you can so that you can participate and grow your followers. End comments you make on other posts in the group with Feel free to follow me @ https://www.facebook.com/mrcrowdfunder as this truly works to allow people interested in your point of view connect with you.

6.      Now go to LinkedIn and accept all connection requests.

7.      Then go to My Network on LinkedIn and use my tool suggestion to connect with all suggestions. The tool is in French but it doesnt matter, just hit the button on the page at the top and let it do its thing. Watch how fast you grow your business professional network I built mine to over 5000 in around a month. Note you can download your data from Linkedin and this will give you the email address from all your connections so you can add them to your email list.

8.      Now go to twitter and start doing the same and follow as many people you know as possible in hope many will follow you back. Again the twitter tools exist to auto follow all suggestions on a page to make it fast!

9.      Now put aside 30 minutes every day to repeat this process daily! You need a HUGE audience if you want to be successful.

10.   Add your Facebook URL, Twitter URL and LinkedIn profile URL all to your email signatures and anything you can think of. If you send anything to anybody make sure all your Social Media handles are on them including the reverse for your business cards. If you dont have business cards then get 500 printed cheap online ASAP and start handing them out to people you meet or put them in with your Christmas/Birthday cards etc. you send out.

Once you see that Social Media is a Marketing tool by its very design then you can harness it for any future project including Crowdfunding and or growing and running a business. Once you have a large enough audience anything is possible.

With the power of a large Audience of Social Media followers anything is possible!

Let me personally help you with your Crowdfunding: https://www.cameronmckean.com/news/crowdfunding

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