Social Media Advice

Social Media Advice

My Social Media Marketing Tips & Tools (Updated 2017)
Cameron McKean Cameron McKean

As a successful Direct Marketer and Social Media Influencer I am constantly asked by business owners for advice on Social Media Marketing.

The problem is just like having a website you can have a Social Media Profile but not have any exposure and or followers as such its of no value to your business. It needs time and its an art that many simply dont have the time to invest into learning.

The next problem is every person with a Facebook Page or Twitter Account claims to be an expert. Unfortunately, so many scam artists prey on the uninformed business owner. Business owners trust the so called Expert and spends considerable money only to end up with very little in way of Exposure, Sales or Results.

While on the other hand I have Business owners that completely ignore the Billions of people on Social Media and say I dont need it and its not important to my type of business. Sadly, this feedback is common and results in many going out of business or being quickly overtaken before they have any idea how it happened.

I am often sat with the Marketing department and we look at the current total expense for marketing and advertising. I have proven over and over again that money spend on Social Media Marketing is more responsive with faster ROI and Sales then with TV, Radio, Print (Newspaper Magazines) or almost anything else. I love it when I am challenged by a client to put my money where my mouth is and if the results are not better my way then any money spent is deducted from my fee. I have never had a client deduct Social Media Marketing expense from my fee not once in over 15 years.

Social Media like all Marketing is a NUMBERS GAME and the numbers firmly stack in the favor of Social Media. This is why all other old school forms of traditional media is now finding it hard to survive.

My answer to old school media Evolve or die..


The following is very important for Social Media Success in todays market.

My Top 10 Tips for people that want better results from Social Media.


1.      Professional Facebook page with current up to date information and at least weekly posts.

2.      Website thats Secure and HTML5 mobile responsive. News/Blog Social Posts are created within your website and the links must be social media aware. This is very cheap to buy fully pre built scripts that do this and can be installed on your existing website for around AUD$100 (EG: This website and this article is such a template and it works perfectly on Social Media and has got me amazing results)

3.      Even if you dont use Twitter you need to have a business account on Twitter as its the best platform by far for business. Dont worry about the extra work posting to more than one social media platform as you can link your Twitter account to your Facebook account and so anything you post on the Facebook page will auto post on your linked Twitter account.

To link your Facebook and Twitter accounts go here: https://www.facebook.com/twitter

4.      Make sure you have a database of all clients and you upload this to your Twitter and Facebook accounts to attract them to follow you on Social Media. This small but very important step is forgotten by 90% of clients I assist.

5.      Everything you do should promote your Social Media links and every offer or promotion should be posted to such groups. Again this important link should never be skipped as regular content is going to keep your clients sticky to you. If you want to keep your clients and have them come back Social Media is the best way to do this and you then benefit by being exposed to their friends and connections.

6.      Boost your posts! It can be as cheap as $2 to boost a post to find new clients and I have proven time and time again this cheap form of marketing your offers

7.      Dont put text on images you use for Social Media. This is against Advertising guidelines and generally looks bad. You will get much greater exposure and response if you dont do this. Put text in the area for text not on the image.

8.      Watch and monitor your competitors in the free Facebook tools and see how you compare. This gives you clear targets and an idea of what you need to do to become number one.

9.      Dont believe anybody that says it cant be done overnight. They dont know what they are talking about. I have taken a client on a Friday and 4:00 pm the following Monday meet with them to show they had moved from Position 13 to Position 2 in just 1 weekend. We are talking about the Internet here and we are all connected. It only takes a few good connections and your Social Media profile can explode with followers!

10.   Dont just focus on selling. Give advice and information and become a source of information for your business or industry. This engages clients and new potential clients much better than any advertising and leads to loyal followers and supporters. For example, a Law firm that posts weekly business tips on Social Media is 100x more likely to be contacted by a client with additional questions. Because you posted about and item makes you appear an expert in the subject as such more likely to be contacted by a potential client with a similar issue.


So now you see why I am rarely with a client more then 1 or 2 months as I setup the simple Automated systems from day one and train them how to take care of it themselves. After that monitoring and providing remote support and advice my clients have kept me busy for years assisting their friends and colleagues.


Its not rocket science and you truly can move away from expensive Advertising to Social Media paid marketing and save a huge amount of money while having more sales and clients then you ever thought possible.


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Social Media Hacks For Social Media Professionals ONLY


You need to be using Google Chrome Browser for the below add on extensions to work. This is my list and I use it to expand my clients Social Networks far beyond competitors. I keep adding to this as often as I get new tools that I have personally tested.


Invite all Facebook Friends Robot:



Like All:



Twitter Follow All



Social Fixer for Facebook



Tool Kit for Facebook





Delete all Facebook Messages (Cant Undo will remove them ALL)



LinkedIn (Connect All Suggested)



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