Linkedin Secrets

Linkedin Secrets

Secrets of LinkedIn and how to grow FAST
Cameron McKean Cameron McKean

I for one resisted LikedIn.com for many years thinking that it was just a way that people stole my staff. In Australia, many of my staff would be head hunted by competitors as our training was industry leading and this made our staff valuable.


But over time I have learned that I was wrong... LinkedIn has another side that I now see as a way to quickly build a following of BUSINESS PEOPLE and create an Opt in Email Database of them.


LinkedIn works like Facebook but instead of “Friends” you network with or “Connect” with other Business people and associates. It’s a tool not for personal social reasons but more targeted towards business something Facebook lacks.

Once you have a large network in LinkedIn you quickly can post items and news about you and your products to that audience and if they like it they will repost it. As such the item that you posted is first visible to your network and if they react / repost it then it’s visible to their network also. As you will quickly see this is a way to get a message out to millions of business people very quickly all without spam or paid advertising.

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn has no limit on the amount of Friends/Connections you can have. And it’s perfectly OK with you using it for commercial use.




Simply put, signup for free and then upload your business contacts email addresses to LinkedIn. Then they look for matching profiles / people to your emails and suggest you Connect with them.

But this is only to get you started, you want new contacts. So, the way this works is that you can now see the connections of your contacts and as such you have the ability to “Connect” with them. But I don’t suggest you do this immediately.

First you need to become a LION… Yes, I said LION This means you are willing to connect with and network with ANYBODY that asks to connect as such building your database of connections and people who can and will see your posts.

See great info here: https://goo.gl/3qt1T  (FYI: An absolute must read!)


After you become a LION you need to connect with other LION’s so that you can grow your network. This is like the old Six Degrees of Separation and the more people you connect with the greater your reach and less steps away from everybody else you are.

So here is how you get your numbers up FAST,

Click on this link and join this site for FREE and you will be able to download a list of email address from people who just like you want to grow business connections and are happy to connect with you. They are REAL people and you will very fast find yourself growing and becoming more popular every day. For myself I grew by over 2000 connections in just 1 week!



For a small monthly fee of say $5 you can upgrade from Free to paid and then they will add your name to the list so that thousands of people get your email address on the list and so you receive people wanting to add you, not just you trying to add them.

Also, see my LinkedIn tools for Chrome Browser on this post that you can test for free that will AUTO invite people from your search results to your Network. You don’t have to do all the work the script will click on all the links for you and you sit back watch a movie while its growing your network and contacts faster than you could dream possible. (Bookmark this page as I will post a video on doing this soon)





Firstly, understand that you are building a huge network of business people who will see your posts. You can post about your business and industry and generate loads of new business for free within your network.

But a little-known secret is that this has now built for you a large Email Database of people that have connected with you on LinkedIn and are happy to hear from you. You can go to your LinkedIn page and download your data. In this zip file download is a spreadsheet called “Connections” and that contains the Name and email address of ALL your connections on LinkedIn that you can now add to your Email Marketing database. A personal and highly targeted database of your new potential Business clients for FREE.


NOTE: You need to follow the law and use an email marketing system such as https://mailchimp.com/ or https://sendgrid.com/?var=b as your Outlook / Gmail system is not going to handle much more than 150 email addresses per email sent and also will not comply with Spam Laws by providing a link in the email allowing people to “Opt Out” of future emails.

If you spam your contacts your email address will quickly be globally blacklisted and nobody will be able to receive ANY of your future emails. Please dont take the risk.


And if you want to grow from my success on LinkedIn simply connect with me on https://www.linkedin.com/in/mr-cameron-mckean/ or email [email protected] and you can then immediately benefit from my HUGE existing LinkedIn connections Network. I accept all LinkedIn connection requests 100% Guaranteed.


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