Still working in the Sky

Still working in the Sky

Update on the Slanderous comments online.
Cameron McKean Cameron McKean

Fake News posts in relation to me and my companies


I have recently received a large number of friends contacting me to ask about slanderous posts relating to me, my companies and associates.

While I am aware of the accusations I have been unwilling to make public comments until now while investigations have been ongoing.

Needless to say the comments are completely untrue and done by people who have never been a client and have no real claims.

This is yet again people attempting to seek revenge on me for reporting them to the authorities for criminal actions that they admitted to myself. I was required by law to report them to the authorities and now I am simply suffering the fake news onslaught from them.

I have a global team of investigators and lawyers working on the matter and I am confident the matter will soon be resolved.

I want to thank everybody who has continued to support me and make my global businesses so successful.


I continue to be the CEO of the following profitable and successful companies:

HowToPay Limited

Confidia LLC / Limited

Confidia Asset Management Co. Ltd.

Club Barter Limited.

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